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Techno Tokyo Map & Calendar is a powerful branding tool that supports Japan’s High Tech industry; while promoting regional, national, and global brands. Participants range from companies developing their first products to Fortune 100 multinationals.

Thousands of prints are published annually and distributed to industry professionals worldwide, at all levels, through trade shows, direct mail and by participating companies. The synergistic poster (Map, Calendar, and Custom Imprint) offers a high quality branding gift while creating a powerful Marketing, Sales, Communications, and HR tool.

The compelling map posters are proudly displayed in executive offices, conference rooms, and work areas all year. Each poster is viewed many times by many people. The digital edition is a fun and informative interactive map that is viewed millions of times through-out the year. The audience you care about will proudly display the poster and “Keep your brand visible all year!” Put Your Company on The Map!

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