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The Silicon Europe Map showcases European technology companies that comprise Semiconductor, Hardware, Software, Emerging Technologies, IT, IoT, AI, Manufacturing, Research and Development, as well as all the supply chains. In addition, the map provides representation for HealthCare, Med Tech, Life Sciences, and Pharmaceutical industries. Participants range from entrepreneurial Start-Ups to Fortune 100 multinationals, Academic Institutions, Trade, and Non-Profit organizations

Print and Digital editions are viewed millions of times throughout the year and offer an entertaining, informative snapshot of the robust technology within the region.

Print: The yearly map publication is printed and distributed to thousands of industry professionals globally as large and small poster/calendars, mousepads, greeting cards, and postcards. They are published annually and distributed to key industry professionals globally, at all levels, through major industry events, direct mail, and by participating companies. The compelling industry maps are proudly displayed in executive offices, conference rooms, reception areas, work areas, and considered an industry favorite for corporate gifts and trade events. Each map is viewed many times throughout the year!

Digital: Click the image to the left and see the large interactive map with mouse over interactive logos providing valuable company information on each organization. The interactive logos create a high volume of industry-specific traffic and viewed thousands of times per month by industry professionals.

Promotional: Customize posters in between the map and calendar with your company information makes for the perfect high-quality branding gift for your stakeholders that are proudly displayed all year.

Branding: Marketing, Sales, Communications, and HR tool.

“The synergistic Maps help increase company visibility and create brand awareness, all year!”

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