Silicon Maps, Inc. is a graphic design and marketing firm based in Northern California. Since 1989 with our first Silicon Valley Map we have created hundreds of promotional maps for cities, states, regions, industries and countries.

We produce a series of artistic promotional industry maps of regional clusters for High Tech, Biotech, MedTech and Healthcare. Our unique and colorful regional posters are designed to be used by companies as a promotional gift to their clients, most with a yearly calendar at the bottom and some without. Our customers distribute thousands globally each year as promotional gifts to their clients. The product stays up on their customers walls all year long for a terrific ROI. We promote the maps and distribute at industry events, through trade organizations, academic institutions and regional industry organizations.

Our unique map designs and been featured in numerous books, television shows, press releases, airport displays and sold in airport gift shops, corporate stores such as Intel, Cisco and Hewlett Packard.

We have worked closely with many state and regional organizations to create custom maps for the perfect promotional poster that is truly a picture worth a thousand words.

We are Always looking for help in Marketing, Sales & Art Design talent. We are always looking for good partnerships.

For Years He’s Been All Over the Maps

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