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2015 SoCal Technology Map & CalendarThe Official High Tech Map of Southern California

SoCal Technology Map & Calendar, the iconic industry symbol of technology innovation in Southern California is proud to announce sign-ups for the 2016 publication, promoted through Print Distribution, National Press Releases, Digital Displays, Online, and at industry Trade Events.

Take part in this effective promotional campaign and maximize your brand's visibility. Create brand awareness and spotlight your company to thousands of technology decision makers worldwide in Southern California’s hot-bed community.  Support your region and location(s) while promoting your company as an industry leader, world class innovator and choice employer of your region.


Print Distribution: Directly to thousands of industry professionals, schools, and high tech companies locally, nationally and internationally.
95% Display Rate:
Elegantly and professionally designed to enhance office walls, conference rooms, and company entryways all year long.
Brand Visibility:
Large custom foil company information viewable from 20 ft away.
365 Days of Exposure: Usable year at a glance calendar viewable by many
Social Media and Web:
All logos linked online direct to social media and website.
Press Releases: Online through hundreds of news articles worldwide
Airport Displays:
Large back-lit signs featuring the map are promoted through sponsorship at International Airports, (Inquire about Sponsorships).

Available: Poster/Calendars, Post Cards, Greeting Cards and Mouse Pads

The SoCal Technology Map has proven promotional effectiveness ensuring that your message resonates with your target audience, all year long!

Highlight your company as one of the ,“Who’s Who of the SoCal Technology”, and help promote the growth and success of the Southern California technology sector.

Put Your Company on the Map!

"Maps are a universal medium for communication, easily understood and appreciated by most people,
regardless of language or culture". (Merriam 1996)


We Put Your Business on the Map!

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