2010 is the first decade of the New Millennium. Be on the 2010 Industry Map! Now accepting enrollment.

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Silicon Desert?

Silicon Desert is the Arizona high-technology community. Including industries as diverse as wireless, semiconductor, telecom, biotech, education, security, staffing, media, and more.

The map highlights the leaging high-tech companies from Phoenix and Tucson, also including Chandler, Flagstaff, Mesa, Scottsdale, Sun City, Tempe, and more!

What is the Silicon Desert Map & Calendar?

The Silicon Desert Map & Calendar is a high-quality promotional industry poster which features leading high tech companies' logos, URLs, and building photos within the map design.

Sample adspace with corporate logo, URL, and building on the map

The portion of the poster in-between the map and calendar contains your custom imprint, which is stamped in shimmering foil and is visible from more than 20 feet away. This often contains the company logo, contact information, tagline, and more. It is enitrely customizable!

What can the Silicon Desert Map do for My Company?

Put your company “On the Map” to sustain your brand’s visibility, bolster recognition, and highlight your company as an industry vanguard. The map is seen as a Who's Who of the Arizona high tech community. It will be used as a directory at Phoenix International Airport (PHX) and maintains a 365-day-a-year presense on the walls of leading local and world-wide high-tech companies.

How does it work?

Here’s how:

  • Over 30,000 quality posters are distributed to high-tech companies around the world

  • The map will be presented at Phoenix International Airport (PHX) on large, backlit duratrans signs in high-traffic locations.

  • Our interactive map online hyperlinks to your homepage.

  • Many high-tech companies order thousands of our Silicon Desert Map mouse pads, postcards, greetingcards

  • Silicon Maps distributes thousands of posters throughout the year

  • Your company information is displayed on ALL of the above for an entire year when you put your logo “On the Map”!

What are the results?

Connect with customers, stakeholders, and create alliances. Attract venture capital. Be seen and displayed 365+ days a year. Sign-up or renew for 2010- the first decade of the new millenium- and put your company “On the Map”!

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Silicon Desert Map

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