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Reno Caricature Map

The Fun Map of Reno/Sparks, by Silicon Maps, Inc.

-Featured at the Reno/Tahoe International Airport (RNO)
-Over 10,000 promotional posters printed
-Distributed by 100+ Reno-Sparks Businesses

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  • Featuring local businesses, landmarks, events, and local history
  • Where to go, what to do and points of interest…. all at a glance!
  • Entertaining map design created in 2010 - Displayed for years
  • All images of people, places and things are real photos
  • The real Who's Who directory of Reno-Sparks Businesses
  • Support the region by visiting participating business (ask for a map!)
  • Posters available by participating merchants or through our store!


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"Maps are a universal medium for communication, easily understood and appreciated by most people, regardless of language or culture."

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Actual size 24" x 36"

Reno Sparks Chamber of Commerce
Sponsored by: Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce

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