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BioScience West

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Bioscience West

Maximize your brand's visibility with our most popular packages. Reach tens of thousands of biotech leaders worldwide. Take part in the printed Promotional Posters, Internet Banner Ads, Digital Maps, Airport Campaigns, or create just the right marketing mix! 


Join your peers! Participate in the national Life Sciences industry promotion surrounding BIOSCIENCE WEST and BIOSCIENCE EAST. With over 400 companies participating, the campaign is a popular synergistic promotion to spotlight global leaders in healthcare innovation. The popular posters promote all life science sectors of the most important hot-bed regions. Create brand awareness and support your location(s) while promoting your company as an industry leader and prime employer in your area. Over 65,000 copies are published annually and distributed worldwide. The Map/Calendar Poster is found displayed from cubicles to boardroom to airports signs. The posters have a display rate of over 85%! The proven promotional effectiveness ensures that your message is displayed and inculcates with your target audience, all year long! The posters are elegantly and professionally designed to enhance your brand. 


Click image to enlarge Map; check out participating companies, interactive logos, and exacting graphics.

Platinum Sponsors

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PR Newswire is feeding press releases to regional and national publications and news outlets; while featuring BIOSCIENCE EAST and BIOSCIENCE WEST on their jumbo digital boards in New York City and Las Vega, Nevada.



The distinctive boards, featuring the iconic Maps, provide a powerful and effective opportunity to deliver your message and position your company as a partner of choice in Life Sciences and a “Global Leader in Healthcare Innovation.”   Feature your company on a 12” x 12” ad space surrounding the engaging Map!  (See airport campaign).


BIOSCIENCE WEST participating airports: San Francisco, (SFO), Los Angeles, (LAX) and San Diego, (SAN). 

BIOSCIENCE EAST participating airports: Boston (BOS); Philadelphia, (PHI); New Jersey, (EWR) and Baltimore/Washington, (BWI).






Place your company's banner ad on our high-traffic web site and get exposure to thousands of industry professionals at all levels.  Your ad space can be featured on the home page of BIOSCIENCE WEST and BIOSCIENCE EAST.   


Print, Airport and Internet advertising bundled for your prudent investment!

  • Ad Space featured on 65,000+ BIOEAST/BIOWEST posters.
  • Ad Space featured (within Map design) on backlit Airport dioramas. 
  • Interactive Logo hosted online.  Monthly Average Visits: 20,000 – 30,000.
  • Custom Copies imprinted with your “corporate message” below the Map.
  • Place your company's banner ad on our high-traffic web site.
  • Airport corporate ad space on 6 ft. backlit signage at key airports
  • PR Newswire promotion.
  • Worldwide distribution.



Worldwide distribution includes:

Research & Development Professionals, Project Managers, Group Leaders and Directors, Presidents, Vice Presidents, and CEOs, Manufacturers and Marketers, Global Project Managers and Strategic Planners, Business Development and Licensing Executives, Venture Capitalists and Entrepreneurs, Academic Researchers and Medical Directors, Government Representatives, Corporate Employees, Industry Vendors, C-Levels & Business Executives, Bioscience Researchers, Bioscience & Healthcare Business Executives, University & Commercialization Leaders, Economic Development Executives, Trade Association Executives.


“Maps are a universal medium for communication, easily understood and appreciated by most people, regardless of language or culture.” --Merriam 1996


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