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DFW technoplex

North Texas Technology Industry Promotional Map


The synergistic TECHNOPLEX is a powerful industry symbol that effectively brings together – the region’s “Global Leaders in Technology Innovation.”  Our unique media simultaneously brings you an audience of the world’s best and most-trusted technology brands.  Over 80 companies participate!  See PDF image sample, (click image to enlarge).  



Available in customized copies to present your customers this desirable and long lasting industry gift.
Put Your Company on the Map
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Brand Recognition

  • TECHNOPLEX is a High Tech industry icon recognized worldwide.
  • Printed Posters are displayed for years and viewed frequently.
  • Copies are distributed worldwide to corp. offices and overseas affiliates.
  • Map impressions = (20,000+ posters) x 3 views (minimum) per day x 365 (1year) = over 21 Million advertising impressions!
  • The map, calendar, and custom imprint lend promotion effectiveness; collectively, ensuring your company’s brand is --displayed and regularly viewed-- by your relevant audience.
  • Inculcates your message for one year!

Promotion Effectiveness

  • Participation highlights your company as an industry leader; choice employer; and world-class innovator. 
  • Touts your company’s commitment to the region’s high tech sector, worldwide.
  • 20,000+ copies distributed worldwide.
  • 95%+ display rate!
  • Exacting graphic designs. --Suitable of framing!
  • Rich foil custom imprint – your “mini billboard”, features your message. --Clearly readable from 25-30ft.
  • Practical 12 Month Calendar: Keeps your target audience looking at your custom imprint, all year..
  • Foil embossed header. --Creates quality impression and appearance.
  • Hosted online with interactive logos.  80,000 -100,000+ hits, per months.  Links your website. 
  • Airport Signage – After publication, we will offer sponsorship of the TECHNOPLEX Map on a 6ft. x 6ft. backlit signs displayed at DFW features your ad within Map design.
  • The Map/Calendar Poster is distributed worldwide by over 80 advertisers.  
  • Print, Internet and Airport advertising, for a fair investment!

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